Strategic Cell Migration Successes

Flinchbaugh Delivers Lean Manufacturing Solutions

In 1985, Caterpillar asked Flinchbaugh to transfer one of its manufacturing cells to our location. During this process, we began to see that the service we were providing to Caterpillar could apply to other manufacturers with similar mission-critical parts. And so, as a heavily engineering-based company, we began to form the design and process for Strategic Cell Migration. Recognizing our in-house manufacturing expertise, we looked at the ways in which this could be applied to cells that produced mission-critical parts. Now, after 17 successful cell migrations, we have mastered what it takes to take on mission-critical parts. But we won’t stop here. Every migration brings new opportunities for both Flinchbaugh and its customers to leverage manufacturing and shop knowledge to deliver a new paradigm in outsourcing.

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Strategic Cell Migration
Success Stories