Machined Parts Cost Savings

We regularly deliver 20% to 30% savings on a per-part basis to our Strategic Cell Migration partners by combining decades of manufacturing experience in operating manufacturers’ cells with best practices across the entire range of employee ownership, management, operations, quality, logistics and associated processes.

We know you have multiple outsourcing options, but for mission-critical applications, no other resource can provide this level of savings without compromising quality and delivery. Although overseas options might seem attractive at first, when costs for travel, logistics and ongoing management are figured in, those savings dwindle.

Fixed Costs Reduced

With Strategic Cell Migration, the fixed costs for your cell are dramatically reduced because your cell shares these costs with other cells in a flat and lean nonunion environment that runs 24/7. Additionally, we will utilize your cell for other manufacturing purposes when it is not producing mission-critical parts for your company, and this further distributes and reduces the unit operating cost associated with your cell.

This reduction delivers lower per-part costs and allows you to shift your focus either down the value chain within your existing operations or onto more strategic elements of your portfolio.

“Strategic” Demands Flat and Lean Manufacturing

In order to leverage your assets and produce parts at a lower cost with no compromise in quality or on-time delivery, we have to be incredibly lean and flat. How flat? 90% of our employees are directly responsible for producing parts, so not only is overhead distributed in Strategic Cell Migration, but it’s lowered as well. The employee-ownership culture results in a relentless commitment to continuous improvement in all aspects of cost and quality.

Our Lean Tools are consistently sharpened by driving higher levels of productivity and quality for our customers.   Learn more about the true costs of overseas outsourcing…

Manufacturing machined parts costing too much?

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Does transferring your line make sense?

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Does transferring your line make sense?

Line transfer works for metal manufacturers

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