Metal Manufacturing Capabilities

Located in York, PA, Flinchbaugh is one of the largest and most reliable on-shore contract manufacturers in the US. To support annual sales of nearly $70 million, we occupy three buildings, each with 35,000 to 45,000 square feet of active manufacturing, with nearly 100 CNC machine tools and 290 employees.

Industries Served

Heavy equipment; heavy truck; oil field; wind energy; industrial bearings; agriculture; railroad; heat exchangers; and more. Our top clients include Caterpillar, Meritor, Honeywell, AxleTech, SKF, Volvo Truck and Alfa Laval.

Volumes Processed

Flinchbaugh is not a job shop in that we don’t pursue “one-off” business. We look for steady repeat business that can employ cellular manufacturing techniques on an ongoing basis. For some parts, that is thousands of pieces per month; for other heavy, complex parts, it can be only a few dozen to several hundred pieces.

Available Machines

Our manufacturing is organized into 16 channels, set up for single-piece workflow. We employ machine tools, including a variety of CNC machining centers and lathes. Our largest machines are Giddings and Lewis horizontal boring mills.

Available Capacity

Our plants run 24/7, but not all channels and machines run at any given time. On average, one to two shifts of available capacity exists across the board.

Support Organizations In Place

We have extremely capable high-urgency maintenance, production control, engineering and purchasing teams to support the customer. We have sufficient critical mass and have been selective in our talent acquisition to have brought on bright, energetic individuals, typically with Fortune 500 company experience.

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Does transferring your line make sense?

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