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Strategic Cell Migration delivers lean manufacturing benefits to metal manufacturers, and enables the execution of business strategy delivering a long list of benefits including: focusing on core competencies, freeing floor space for higher value activities, or footprint/portfolio rationalization. Nonetheless, P&L impact is at the forefront of key business decisions.

The calculator on this page provides a tool to estimate the potential savings available by completing a Strategic Cell Migration with Flinchbaugh Engineering. Information entered in the calculator is not captured or saved.

Using the Calculator

Enter data in the first 3 fields for annual parts produced, annual production hours to produce the subject parts or family of parts, and the typical annual wage for direct labor personnel. In the remaining 7 fields, pick from the pull down menu the choice that best matches your current business context. When all fields are completed, clicking calculate will return the estimated annual savings. In the event the calculator returns a negative number, the formula estimates a higher cost for Flinchbaugh versus current in-house production.

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Intrigued by what you see? We would love to speak with you to help fully understand the favorable impact that a Strategic Cell Migration by Flinchbaugh can deliver.

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